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Red-eared slider

Well, my daughter's tiny little red-eared slider didn't make it.  I don't
pretend to know why, but I'm rather relieved that we aren't keeping a
micro-turtle anymore.

However, in order to placate her grief, I went and bought a legal-sized
red-eared slider (the original hope was to pass the new one off as the old
one, but there was no hope of that, so we came square with her before she
saw the new turtle).  This one quickly started turning the nicely planted
turtle tank into aquatic salad.

I yanked the anubias and nymphaea that I'd added (left the water lettuce)
so far, and tossed in some anacharis cuttings from the krib tank.  Looks
like I may need to set up an outdoor tub for growing anacharis, because in
one day, the turtle has nearly finished off several feet of cuttings.

The new turtle nips at the zebras, but so far hasn't been successful in
catching any.  I'm hoping for some zebra fry soon to serve as a
supplimental food for the turtle.  

I may have to give up on keeping that tank permanently planted, though.  I
wonder if the first turtle may have been poisoned by eating one of the
plants in the tank (maybe the anubias).

David W. Webb 
Live-Foods list administrator