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Re: Cutting DO water

Hello Daniel,

You don't have to be a chemist to adjust the alkalinity (KH) or hardness
(TH) of your water to any value you want or, for that matter, adjust
*any* water parameter. The relationship is *linear*:

Assuming that your DO water is *practically* free of minerals, if you
add 1 volume of DO water to 1 volume of tap water, all the
concentrations will be cut in half, i.e. you will obtain a TH of 179/2 =
90 ppm = ~ 5 oGH. Alkalinity will also be cut in half, 154/2 = 57 ppm.


George S

Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 13:25:29 -0500
From: "Daniel Hawley" <dhawley at ibm_net>
Subject: RO water/Tap water

I have been using RO water for over a year because of the poor water
here in Waco, Texas. I have been adding Kents RO Right, Dupla KH-Bilder
Duplagan to bring my KH to about 4 or 5. I have been considering adding
tap water instead to bring my KH to 4 to 6. I am not a chemist and I
know how much tap water to add to the RO water. Here is the water
that I received from my water treatment plant.

Constituent Name                       Result
Total hardness as CaCO3            179 mg/l
Ph                                                 7.5
Tot. Alka as CaCO3                     154  mg/l
Bicarbonate                                  188 mg/l
Carbonate                                     232 mg/l
Nitrate   (as N)                              1.46 mg/l
I  would appreciate any help that someone can give. I would like to know
many gallons of tap water I should add to bring  water up to a KH of 4
or 5
and a reasonable total hardness to match. I have lurked on this group
quite awhile and have benefited by owning a beautiful planted aquarium.
Daniel Hawley