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Re: Pump cavitation

Steve Pushak wrote:
Cavitation never occurs on the outlet of a pump. The symptom of
cavitation is noise, not bubbles. Still, leaks in the pump housing might
allow air to leak in. Checking for plugged input is a good maintenance
habit to get into.


Gee, thanks for setting me straight on this Steve.  Maybe you could
explain to me what's happening when I get a lot of bubbles in the return
line of my Iwaki pumps when I restrict the flow at the input of the
pump.  They're amazingly quiet while this is going on. You might also
explain why the manufacturers of pumps warn against restricting the flow
at the input of a pump because it causes cavitation which can damage the

I was under the impression that the restricted flow caused the water to
vaporize due to the low pressure created.  

Best regards,