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Re: Glass

>  I came into this thread late so maybe this has already been discused but, I've been looking all over for information about making DIY glass aquariums and haven't been able to find anything. Bookstore, library, LFS no one has been of anyhelp. I will try looking under material sciences, but i also need to know about framing, and sealing. Can anyone be of any help. Any info would be appreciated. THanks,
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>     Hey-  by the way i tried looking at many web pages but to no avail. I wonder if i didn't just miss it? The web is a big place.
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I'll see if I can dig up the copies of the nomographs I mentioned. As
far as framing and sealing go, the archives should have a good
discussion on sealing agents as it was posed just a few days ago. Have a
look at the Krib archives and the others mentioned below. 
Here are some sites I found which were somewhat helpful for DIY tanks
and the like.

Also, I picked this off our local library web page. They may be
availiable to you and have some relevant info.

Personal author:  Jenno, Tony 
Title:  The aquarium technology handbook : fundamentals, equipment and
practice / Tony Jenno. 
Edition: 2nd rev. ed. -- 
Publication info:  Newton Abbot : David & Charles, 1985. 
Physical description:  160 p. : ill. ; 23 cm. 
General note:Includes index. 
Bibliography note: Bibliography: p. 157. 
Held by:QEII 
LC Subject:                   Aquariums 
ISBN:0715386905 : $19.95 
Library has:SF/457/J34/1985 MAIN 

Jason Daniels