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>From: taburnok at skyinet_net
>>Personally, as I have said, for use with an average tank I would go for
>- - my planned tank size is 60 in L x 18 in H x 24 in D
>- - my planned light 2 125 W mercury vap lights
>- - 2 36 watt OSRAM PL LAMPS
>- - 2 ordinary shop lights maybe GE or HITACHI
>what do you think

Sounds like a klooge to me. Use flourescents!

I would go with two 4 bulb T-8 electronic ballasts and a total of 8 4 foot
lamps. Four foot T-8 lamps cost $2.00 each at home depot and the ballasts
are $40.00 each from graingers http://www.graingers.com. A major cost of
flourescents is new lamps - four footers are $2.00 while two footers cost

Build a split hood with a ballast and four bulbs in each half. There are
nice plans for a split hood floating around, but basically you build the
hood with a piano hinge running longwise down the middle. Fold the front
half of the hood up onto the back of the hood to get to the front of the
tank and vice versa. Since your bulbs are a foot shorter than your tank,
stagger them so you have light (albiet half) over the ends of the tank.