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Barclaya Longifolia & seeds

I have four B. Longfolia plants in my 2 tanks.  All are prolific flower
producers, and I have made an observation that I would like to
share/confirm.  I have yet to see a flower from this plant.  A few of the
flower stalks have reached the surface and opened up, but I have not seen a
flower come out of the center.  The "flower" folds up after a couple of
days, I think.  They form a bulb soon after that, even if they never reached
the surface and opened up.  Squashing the bulb reveals very small seeds
packed in a slimly substance.  I have always cut off these bulbs/stalks and
thrown them away.  Very recently, a plant in each tank cut off the bulb
itself.  I didn't get to witness it myself since it may have happened
overnight, but the stalk looks as though the bulb exploded off the stalk.
At first I thought fish in one tank had done this, but when it happened in
the second tank I thought differently.  The bulb itself was broken up,
floating on the surface.  In one tank I noticed some seeds on the surface
with the "gel" still covering them.  The seeds are light in color, and only
slightly bigger than poppy seeds you see on bread.

Maybe I should go into the Barclaya business.  :-)

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