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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #515

At 03:48 AM 9/15/98 -0400, A M Moore asked:
>Would someone mind advising me basically how Sintered Glass Diffusers work
>?? Are they more efficient than other types of CO2 diffusers ? They
>certainly seem much more expensive in the UK.

A sintered glass diffusor is pretty much like a high-toned airstone.  The
sintered glass takes the place of the rock or ceramic or paper or plastic
that is the diffusor part of the airstone.   Since the holes are VERY TINY
a much higher pressure is required than for an airstone (typically about 15
PSI), but very tiny bubbles are achieved.   Because the bubbles are so
small, they have a lot of surface error for their volume, and so they
exchange CO2 very effectively with the water.  The Eheim is the
price/performance winner, but I don't think it is sold in GB.  You can buy
them in DE for 27DM.  (about 10L).

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