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Re: Low light plants

>In a message dated 98-09-13 04:00:58 EDT, bob writes:
><< Will something like java fern grow in the low light I have now? >>
>java fern grows perfectly well in very lowlight conditions.  i have a 2.5
>gallon tank (with endler's livebearers) whose only source of lighting is
>light from adjacent tanks.  nothing has been able to survive in it, not
>java moss, but java fern lives in it.  doesn't grow much but it does live.
>tsuh yang chen, new york city  (please note my new address)

Java moss and water sprite are great low light plants, too.  I've used each
in fry tanks that were lit only by the surrounding room lights.  Not exactly
explosive growth, but...

Alysoun McLaughlin