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plant dying?

I am having problems with one of my plantsI recently put 260 watts of
light over my 60 gallon tank.  I moved some plants around soon after,
and since then (several weeks later) my wisteria (hygrophilia
difformis) has put out almost no new vertical growth, and only a few
horizontal runners.  In the last couple of days the leaves have been
turning brownish red around the edges.  The tank is ph 6.8, kH 4, very
little to no nitrates, nitrites and ammonia.  I am injecting CO2 into
the intake of my Fluval 403, and have a 50/50 mix of fine gravel and
Seachem's Flourite substrate.  I dose at least a few times a week with
Flourite additive and add iron to the tank.  All of my other plants
are  doing wonderfully, even the plants that are supposed to be really
low light, like anubias.  My understanding is that wisteria sould be
doing well in these conditions, as it is a hygro species and should
really like lots of light.  The tank is heavily planted (80-90% of the
substrate area).  Could other plants be out-competeing the wisteria? 
Or, as I suspect is the case, am I running too much light for this
plant, and the red bits are areas of cellular damage?  Thanks for all
help in advance...

Justin Collins


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