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Re: CO2, filters, etc. (Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #511)

In a message dated 98-09-13 15:51:11 EDT, Roger Miller wrote:
>  With your current setup (relatively low light, high fishload) you probably
>  don't need to add CO2.  But for future considerations, keep in mind that
>  air lifts strip CO2 out of the water.  Right now, adding CO2 to the air
>  might help keep some of your goldfish-derived CO2 in solution, but
>  qprobably very little of the yeast-derived CO2 is getting into the water. 
>  If you want to continue adding CO2 then you probably should find a way to
>  get the CO2 bubbles in direct contact with the water.  Check the archives
>  for suggestions. 
My thought was that adding CO2 to the air bubbler would increase its partial
pressure enuf so instead of stripping out the CO2, the bubbles would add
insignificant amounts of CO2 to the water.  Then, being heavier than air, the
CO2 would collect between the water surface and the glass top and slowly be
absorbed.  I could be way off base with this.

Do you think my power filter would suck hard enough to power the sponge
filter?  The power filter is rated 100 g.p.h., and says it can be used to
power an undergravel filter.

Thanks again,