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Hi All,
  One of my other hobbies is growing tropical fruit trees and plants in
my yard (I live in Florida).  I belong to a club and the guest speaker
gave a talk about mycorrizae and what they do for plants, such as
nutrient uptake etc..  Got me to thinking about our plants, does anyone
know if there is a symbiotic relationship with aquatics like there are
in terrestrial (even aborials)?  Seems to me, that if there is a
relationship, whether endo or ecto, most people don't allow for the
introduction of such a fungus (clean gravel, clean sand, clean peat
etc.).  Might solve some of the nutrient problem.  For instance supply
things in a way that algae can't use it, but the fungus can (and thus
the plants).

Just a thought
Bjorn Straube