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Self-induced (?) Algal Plague

In a message dated 9/12/98 12:52:24 PM Pacific Daylight Time, Aquatic-Plants-
Owner at actwin_com writes:

<< This stuff looks just like the Spanish moss that you see hanging from trees
 in the bayou (or the stuff/moss you find covering the dirt on a house plant 
 when you buy a plant from the store). It appeared rather quickly (within a 
 What is it?
 I just recently got some SAEs and a Bristlenose form Albany Aq . Will 
 either of these take care of it?
 I was overdosing the PMDD for a while, but now I think I have the dosage 
 right. Could this have brought it on?
Probably some filamentous green that arose under provided propitious cond.s
(either that or a new species of underwater bromeliacean, for LOL). Jeff, most
likely the minnow and loricariid combo. won't be able to whack this thing all
the way back, but don't give up. Can you remove the offending thallophytes
attachment substrate and gingerly scrub off most of it? I would... and
youbetchanutrients you could have  brought on the prob.. Do you have a
microscope? Are you really interested in getting this critter down to the
genus/species level in terms of i.d.? Can you make it out to the library to
borrow a copy of Dawson's (Elmer Yale) dichotomous "How to Know... " series on
algae? Do you utilize purposeful carbon dioxide infusion? I wouldn't worry
much if the growth rate of "the thing that ate Brooklyn" has slowed... but do
watch the dosing of PMDD.
Bob Fenner