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Re: Aponogeton madagascariensus

> From: ajreed at home_com (Andrea Reed)
> Subject: Aponogeton madagascariensus
> I am a bit confused about this plant, and am wondering about other
> people's experiences with it. I tried growing it without success a
> number of years ago. Since the plant comes from Madagascar, I would
> have assumed that it needed fairly warm water, but I note that Baensch
> says it needs a maximum temperature of 22 degrees C (72 F). Other
> references have stated that the water temperature should be higher,
> with the temperature around 25/25 C  (78/79 F). Has anyone
> successfully kept this plant, and if so, how did they go about it?
> - -Andrea

I kept a plant for several years in a 40 gal. where temps were routinely
in the mid 80's.  However, the main problem I had was a 40 gal. tank is
not large enough for this plant.  The leaves were so large that they
would basically cover the entire surface area to the deteriment of other
plants in the tank.  I would suggest at least a tall 70 gal. as a
minimum.  I really did not do any "special" to maintain the plant.  My
normal routine was to change 50% of the water on a weekly basis, provide
supplemental iron, laterite and flourish tabs in the gravel, and
supplment with DIY CO2. 
Bob Hoffman
Huntington Beach Orchids
(Cattleyas, reedstem Epi's, Laelia anceps and hybrids)
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