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Re: Aponogeton madagascariensus

Andrea Reed wrote
> I am a bit confused about this plant, and am wondering about other
> people's experiences with it. I tried growing it without success a
> number of years ago. Since the plant comes from Madagascar, I would
> have assumed that it needed fairly warm water, but I note that Baensch
> says it needs a maximum temperature of 22 degrees C (72 F). Other
> references have stated that the water temperature should be higher,
> with the temperature around 25/25 C  (78/79 F). Has anyone
> successfully kept this plant, and if so, how did they go about it?

In this case Baensch Atlas has newer and more accurate information. The
guy who was most successful growing it that I heard of grew it with
goldfish. Other information indicates that it does not tolerate low
redox substrate well so it would be best to use a sandy clay mixed with
the lower 1/3 of the gravel. Proper nutrient feeding is essential I
suspect. Do not disturb the plant once it is established as they always
seem to die if you do that (in my experience). You need a large,
spacious, empty aquarium just ready to receive the new plant or bulb
because the plant gets really huge. I'd love to have another specimen to
try but I don't have space for one. They are often available now in
specific aquarium stores. I saw several in one store on Hastings street
between Boundary and Willingdon, just East of Matt's store.

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