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Re: Fungus Gnats

> Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1998 13:11:10 +0100
> From: "Steve & Jan" <gordon at rapid_co.uk>
> Sounds like fungus gnats [Sciarid Flies] to me, as already said the flies
> are harmless to your plants but I would remove them from your tank before
> they lay anymore eggs! I grow a lot of carnivorous plants and these flies
> love the damp/wet compost some of these grow in.
> The larvae are not normally a problem on larger plants  but they will eat
> root hairs and the roots of seedlings.
> Most insecticides will kill them or traps can be used for the flies, don't
> know how you would go about that in a tank though.

The bright yellow sticky traps that are intended for white flies are 
extremely attractive to fungus gnats.  You could probably just stick
a piece onto the underside of your hood.  They stay sticky a long time.
You can buy this stuff at garden centres.  The particular shade of yellow
used is apparently quite important.  I've tried faking it with various
kinds of yellow plastic with unimpressive results.