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snails in sump and media

 I have 5 loaches in my aquarium and have zero snails there. As I said they are in
my sump.  My sump use to be almost spot less until these darn things appeared, I
agree that snails are beneficial in moderation in the aquarium not the sump. These
little creatures produce alot of waste.  I have to come up with a solution of
getting them out of the sump and sump media any suggestions. by the way the
aquarium in question is a 130 gallon very heavily planted, co2 injected, and rich
substrate all parameters are very stable.

Thank You,
Greg Kennedy.

> Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 09:37:48 -0500
> From: Carlos Munoz <cmunoz at crystal_cirrus.com>
> Subject: Snail problem?  What snail problem?
> I know some people disagree with me, but I just don't think of snails
> as a problem.  I look at a tank with snails and think, "now there's a
> healthy aquarium."  Why be offended when nature's little janitors decide
> that your sump needs some polishing?
> Actually, it'd be offended as an aquatic gardener if I *couldn't* keep
> snails in my aquariums.  It's like having a garden without bees and
> butterflies...but perhaps a better analogue would be ladybugs. Now, if
> you've got the *wrong* kind of snails, *then* you may have a problem.
> But if you insist on eradicating the best macroscopic detrivore in your
> microcosm, let me get off my soap-box and suggest something...and I'll
> be the first to admit that too many snails in your garden can be
> frustrating.
> Try putting a couple of clown loaches in your sump (if it's big enough).
> If your sump is too small, put them in your tank and place a small-mesh
> screen on all intakes to your sump (and scoop out the snails currently
> there).
> Carlos E. Munoz
> <cmunoz at crystal_cirrus.com>
> PS:  And no, I don't brake for snails. :)
> >Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 21:44:01 -0300
> >From: greg <sweeper at writeme_com>
> >Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #504
> >
> > sorry for the off topic question, but i need to find out if any body ever
> >>had a snail problem in there sump, if so what did they do?
> >
> >thank you,
> >greg kennedy