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Need info.

Anyone have any information to send this man?   I don't know squat about
Caulerpa.  -Cynthia

>From: jeremy at sccoast_net
>To: cyn at metronet_com
>Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 08:28:11 -0400
>Subject: Need info.
>Priority: normal
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>To whom it may concern, 
> 	I am going to be giving a 5-10min presentation on Caulerpa taxifolia for 
>my marine botany class and I am also thinking about growing caulerpa and use 
>it as a food source for a 40,000 gallon tropical fish tank at the aquarium
I work 
>for.  Any information that you could provide me with would be most
> Any information that I am able to obtain from using caulerpa as a food
>is in turn yours to inquire about.
>				Sincerely,
>				Matthew Martin