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hi all .. hope everybodys doing fine and enjoying their tanks .. :o)
my parents are now in the LA are PASADENA in particular .. if theres
anybody on this list from this area .. pls help .. COULD YOU RECOMEND
ANY good plant sources in the area .. or if anybody is willing to sell
some plants .. particularly .. ECHINODORUS TENELLUS , LILLEOPSIS ,
AND APON. ULVACEOUS BULBS .. or maybe there is a fast mailorder store
that you could recommend .. i need the plants to be with them before
the 25th of SEPT .. so that  they could bring these back home with them
.. PLEASE PLEASE .. SOMEBODY HELP ME .. also could someone recommend
good foreground plants for a water temp of about 28 degs ...

Thanks in Advance

desperately seeking forground plants and apon ulvaceous ..