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CO2 generators/Krandall ,et al.

May 1997 Vol.9 No.5 AFM had an article by Karen Randall re classroom
tanks which included a sidebar on homebrew CO2.  The suggestion was
standard generator, but handling modified.  She suggested splitting half
the culture out and replenishing water/sugar before the culture was
exhausted.  This technic has a lot of appeal for me.  I seems that it
would even out production.  Is this common/best practice?  I can see
potential probs w/strain selection, contamination w/wild strains, etc
but worst case would be a failed culture with requirement to start over-
which you would be doing every cycle anyway under standard practice. 

Also, she presented guidelines on std 2 liter culture for tank volumes,
one culture for 20-30 gallons w/2 watts/gallon moderate-heavy planting.
I am brand-new at CO2 homebrew, set my first culture two days ago. 
Initial output to stacked Tetra CO2 bells in a 55 does not look like
much.  Tank is not yet stable by any means, still sl cloudy and haven't
moved the fish in yet- wanted to watch/play w/CO2 a few days first.  Are
two bottles needed for the 55?  Currently 3 ea. 40W tubes, planned on 4
when running but started lower to (hopefully) avoid/reduce risk of algae
storm.  Comments/suggestions/personal experiences welcomed.

Robert Ricketts