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Carnivorus Turtles

Hi all,
  A couple of people mentioned that sliders and painted turtles are
carnivorous.  I'm not so sure about that one.  A very good friend of
mine has a a number of sliders, cooters, musk, and a few softshells to
boot.  As I mentioned he gets my cuttings every once in a while.  He
feeds turtle chow (or the equivalent) every day and 15-20 feeder fish
every 2 weeks.  Most of the feeders disappear over that period of time. 
His turtles are very healthy, they even laid eggs this spring :)  None
the less, they very much enjoy plants when they get them and I have a
standing order for cuttings.  IMHO these types are omnivorous, while
they definitely go for fresh feeders (the older ones know all the hidie
holes <g>), they actively feed on all manner of vegetable mater (with
the  notable exception of iceberg lettuce).  Heck I'd love to set up a
turtle/plant tank, but...

Bjorn Straube