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Re: Are turtles carnivorous?

According to Philippe de Vosjoli in "The General Care and Maintenance of
Red-Eared Sliders" it depends on the age of the turtle.

Diets for hatchlings and subadults should be 25-40% protein.  THis can be
commercial diets, feeder fish, earthworms, and selected meats.  He also
states that "At all stages of growth, red-eared sliders should be
regularly offered leaves of romaine lettuce and other dark green lettuces.

Diets for adults are similar but commercial diets and meats should only
consist of 60% of the diet.  In the wild adults are primarily vegetarian.
Feed them romaine, redleaf lettuce, kale, swiss chard, shredded carrots
and more.

Philippe de Vosjoli is one of the premier authors on care of reptiles and
amphibians so I would take this as gospel.

For my turtle at home she gets commerical sticks, spirulina sticks, always
has culled fish to much on and also gets all leftover plant trimmings.
She will eat any plant, but soft leaves are eaten first and even stuff
like sagittaria is eaten.  Not picky at all. 

If the tutles get too much protien they will grow way to fast and end up
having numerous shell and bone disorders.

If you want any additioanl info let me know or get the above book.

Sorry for such a long post but I felt it important to let everyone know
that turtles could better be described as omnivores with a taste for
plant matter.
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