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Re: "Gnat-like Insects"

> I also noticed a little colony of tiny
> gnat-like insects that seem to be living at the top of my tank,
> clinging to leaves and the sides of the glass.  I'm not as concerned
> about these (probably means I have a healthy ecosystem, or
> something), but I would prefer to get rid of them also for purely
> aesthetic reasons.  Since spraying the top of my tank with Raid is
> obviously out of the question, any input on this problem would also
> be appreciated.

Doesn't sound like springtails to me. Springtails are tiny, rice-shaped
creatures that jump. They do not have wings. They are primarily soil
insects, but also do quite well on the surface of water. If these are
"gnat-like," it could be fungus gnats. This is in the emergent portion of
your aquarium, right? Are you sure they are not aphids? Are they green,
brown, or black? Green or brown, some have wings, probably aphids. If they
are tiny, black, winged, gnat-like flies that fly in an irregular manner
(sometimes zig-zag), they are probably fungus gnats. I do not believe the
adults would be any cause for alarm. Their young (small white worm form) are
soil insects. Fungus gnats can come from outside of your home, or from
infested nearby houseplants. They could very well be attracted to your
aquaium lighting. Annoyance, shouldn't do any harm.