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CO2 Fittings?

Andy Holmes wrote: >>At the moment I have the 
hose from the regulator pushed onto the screw-
thread on the inlet side of the valve, it is 
held on with a jubilee-clip. This was suggested 
by the tech at the valve shop but isn't very 
neat looking. I have a guide-book to swagelok 
tube fittings but don't know what item to order. 
Any information would be appreciated, I have
checked-out the swagelok web-page and had no help.<<

Andy: I ordered the B-SS4 Nupra Needle Valve ("S" Series) from  
Dibert Valve and Fitting Company, Inc, P.O. Box 37280, Richmond, VA 
23234-7280. (540)366-0555. They are the local distributors for Swagelok
valves.  This model accommodates regular air tubing. If you are 
using something other than regular air tubing (1/4"OD, 3/16" ID), you 
will have to get different sized inserts than what I got.  I ordered the 
B-405-3 inserts which fit air tubing like a glove.  The inserts are about 
50 cents apiece.  I have been using them with the Nupra Valve for 
six months now and I have had no problems.


Ken Guin
Kenguin at homemail_com