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Swagelok fittings

> From: "Andrew Holmes" <andys.plants at btinternet_com>
> Subject: CO2 Fittings?
> Hi,
> This question may be slightly off topic, so if it is I appologise in
> advance. However I wanted to know how the others on the list connect a
> welding-regulator to the swagelok fitting on a nupro-valve?
> At the moment I have the hose fron the regulator pushed onto the
> screw-thread on the inlet side of the valve, it is held on with a
> jubilee-clip. This was suggested by the tech at the valve shop but isn't
> very neat looking.

Whoever sold you the Nupro valve should have access to assorted Swagelok
adapters.  I usually take the barb off the regulator with a wrench, and
replace it with a 1/4" NPT-to-swagelok adapter. 

  - Erik

Erik D. Olson	
erik at thekrib.com (fails? try eriko at wrq.com)