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Re: gnat-like insects

Dave Whittaker wrote:

> > While I was investigating this, I also noticed a little colony of tiny
> > gnat-like insects that seem to be living at the top of my tank,
> > clinging to leaves and the sides of the glass.  I'm not as concerned
> > about these (probably means I have a healthy ecosystem, or
> > something),
> It means that you have aphids.

These aren't aphids; at least the the common garden variety.  If you define 
aphids as 'any tiny insect with wings that I find in my aquarium', then we can 
call them that, but these are black, smaller than aphids (which is why I didn't 
notice them before) and don't seem to be causing any damage that I can detect.  
I know even less about insects than about gardening, however, so perhaps this is 
a different type of aphid? 

They look very similar to the little gnats I've seen occasionally in terrestrial 
potted plants, shortly after adding fresh potting soil.  In those cases, the 
insects were much more interested in the fresh soil, not the plant itself.

I suspect that your answer still applies, however, and I appreciate the input.