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Amazon Swords

Hello all,

      I have a concern and am hoping with all your knowledge of plants I can
receive some help. 
      My problem is this I have purchased four amazon swords, they looked very
healthy and hardy but with in a few days in my tank they have turned brown,
some leaves even clear....the plant now after several weeks has roots that I
can clearly see from under my tank, and new leaves are shooting from the
center, however very slowly.  I have fed the new plants with Tetra FloraPride
0-0-3 claims to be iron intensive fertilizer, after several weeks and no real
change for the better in condition, even the new leaves are turning brown...I
purchased a different plant fertilizer Aquarium plant food tablets
2-9-13.....so far no changes??? Am I overdoing it?? or do amazon swords
require different fertilizers???  I also have a java fern in the tank that
isnt growing or dying, looks pretty much like it did the day I put it in
there(over 30 days ago) Can anyone shed some light on my problem/s??? 

Thank you in advance