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Re: Low pH

Jason writes:

<snip> As far as the 'natural rocks' go, most of the orniments are sedimentary
>  sandstones and limestone. Some slate and quartz. A few have trace
>  amounts of iron. The substarite is made up of primarily carbonatious
>  rock, as best as I can determine. <snip>

If your keeping Rift Lake Africans in your tank, that's cool, and it certainly
won't hurt plants to the best of my knowledge.  If you are keeping other
fishes, however,  The limestone and carbonate substrate will drive hardness
way up.  This is probably why you are getting >300ppm readings on your harness
tests.  The stuff is slowly dissolving.  Your pH will probably rise over time
as a result as well, unless you have peat in the filters or your bioload is
producing enough acidic waste to nuetralize it.

Bob Dixon