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fungus (?) attack

 Yesterday I noticed what appears to be an infestation of brown
 sweater lint in my tank.  This morning the stuff has advanced
 noticeably, and I'm worried about it spreading everywhere.

 It seems to prefer the areas toward the top of the tank where there's
 plenty of light and low circulation.  It has primarily attached
 itself to the leaves of my PennyWort, but it now appears to be
 manifesting on the older leaves of my isoetes, and the outlet of my
 power filter.

 Does anybody have any idea what this is, and how to get rid of it?  The
 first thing I thought of was to get some of those algae eating shrimp
 (what are those called?), but I've never seen any at my LFS.  I have
 a trio of otos and some apple snails, but it doesn't seem to be their
 cup of sludge.

 While I was investigating this, I also noticed a little colony of tiny
 gnat-like insects that seem to be living at the top of my tank,
 clinging to leaves and the sides of the glass.  I'm not as concerned
 about these (probably means I have a healthy ecosystem, or
 something), but I would prefer to get rid of them also for purely
 aesthetic reasons.  Since spraying the top of my tank with Raid is
 obviously out of the question, any input on this problem would also
 be appreciated.

 Thanks in advance.

 Anthony Ciarochi
 A man with several weeks experience in aquatic gardening!: