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Low pH

Roger et al:

Thanks for your input. Something I should clarify which I found most
baffling is the relationship between pH and hardness. My kits are
telling me the hardness is > 300 ppm (which I'm treating with softening
pillows) while the pH is about 4.5. I was always under the impression
that a high hardness resulted in more basic water. This juxstaposition
of of pH and hardness values is what I find confusing. Chemistry is not
my first field of study. Am I wrong in this assumption or is there
something else I'm overlooking?

As far as the 'natural rocks' go, most of the orniments are sedimentary
sandstones and limestone. Some slate and quartz. A few have trace
amounts of iron. The substarite is made up of primarily carbonatious
rock, as best as I can determine. 

With respect to the buffering capacity of the water, I've been using it
for several years without incident. We have excellent water where I
live, slighltly acidic (about 6.5) with mild chlorination as a
contaminant trace. Ozonation is the primary disinfectant.

Jason Daniels