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Re: Low pH problem

Following the recent thread concerning low pH with "natural rock" has 
brought up a question.
I have read here before how the nitrification process will lower the pH 
slightly (when water changes are cut back on)and now I am reading that 
iron pyrite and alum (which ever you prefer?)will help to lower the pH 
as well.
Am I following this correctly?
Could the addition of alum and/or iron pyrite help to get my pH lower, 
realizing that it was the low buffering capacity of the first 
gentleman's water that allowed this to occur?

I have successfully got my pH to an even 7.0 and sometimes 6.8 with the 
addition of Discus Buffer product from Seachem to my changing 
water(which is allowed to sit at least one week before being used).  I 
have also cut back on my water changes, changing 25-50% every other week 
instead of each week as I had done before.  
Would adding either alum or iron pyrite help me to achieve the 6.5 pH 
that I have been shooting for????

I do add DIY CO2 into the intake of my filter and use a sponge on the 
output to help absorb some of the water turbulence.
The report I received from the local water supplier listed the 
Alkalinity as 120 (with no measurement)and the Hardness as 140 ppm with 
a Calcium Carbonate Stability index of +1(?)
It also stated that the hardness was "primarily caused by calciuum 
dissolved in the water."
What are your thoughts?

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