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UV light??

Kian Lee Lim wrote

>Has anybody ever use UV lights to cure their green water problem?? Well, I
>have had green water in my newly setup tank last week but after running the
>water thru my friend's UV lights for 24 hrs , the water became crystal
>clear, cleaning the filter afterwards reveal that the filter media is green
>in colour. I guess the UV lights kill off all the floating algea spore, any

Yes.  I have a friend who maintains a giant (600G) planted aquarium in a
restaurant.  Because of the hours of operation of the resaurant, the lights
(a large bank of MH's) need to run about 18 hours a day.  In the beginning,
he was plagued with green water problems in spite of low dissolved
nutrients.  He found that by installing a UV sterilizer and running it just
a few hours a week, he can keep the tank crystal clear.  He is careful to
dose his micronutrients right AFTER using the UV to avoid the breakdown of
UV sensitive compounds.  

I think that in the average HOME aquarium, a UV sterilizer is probably
overkill... there are simpler ways to handle the problem.  But for this
commercial installation, it was a godsend.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association