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Playing catch up

Subject: Crypts melting

Steve wrote:

>There is an interesting article in the recent TAG about Crypt melting.
>No one has commented on it here yet. It sounds very plausible. Karen,
>what did you think of this article?

I'll have to go back and refresh my memory.  I remember that I found it
interesting, but can't remember the details.

Subject: Java Fern

John M. Burns wrote:

>There are three varieties of Java Fern.

Actually, there are at least 4 in the hobby right now.

>  .  There's the normal(Microsorum pteropus) one we all know, without any

There are two of these.  A small dark leafed variety with narrow leaf and
short petiole, which only becomes trilobate in extreme old age, and then
not always, and a large broad leafed variety that is a little lighter in
color , has long petioles, and is very pone to produce trilobate leaves,
even on quite a young rhizome.

>  .  Microsorum pteropus 'Tropica' that plant can only be propagated by
>dividing the creeping rhizome (formation of sporangia has not yet been
>observed on this fern)

It also produces plantlets on the leaves, light other Javas, but these
plantlets will show little or none of the extentions seen on the parent plant.

>  .  And the one you have...Microsorum pteropus 'Windelxv'...

For those unfamiliar with this plant, the spelling is 'Windelov' with the
Danish "o" with a line through it.  Because this character is not supported
by a lot of software, you see some pretty strange spellings.

>Subject: Java Fern

Thomas Vickers wrote:

>Has anyone heard of a Windolev Java fern ?
>Just wondering what it is

See above.