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Re:DIY lights

Alysoun  wrote,

>I've purchased a four-bulb 48" lighting fixture from Home
>Depot. It's cheaper than a two-bulb aquarium light strip,
>but frankly, if I had the money, I'd spend it on the
>aquarium fixtures, to avoid the hassle and confusion.

>This fixture was designed to be wired into the ceiling of
>your house. It's a flimsy metal framework, with no support
>from below. I got someone to wire it, but how do you adapt
>it to sit on top of the aquarium?

>Can you rest it on a plank of wood, stretched across the
>tank? Although I'd still need to find a solution to 
>enclose the fixture. What about the material for a canopy,
>any insulation, or how far you need to keep the canopy 
>from the heat of the bulbs? I guess the temperatures 
>aren't quite high enough to burn wood, but it still 
>doesn't feel quite safe to me.

>Any advice, web sites you'd recommend?

If the location allows you might consider hanging it from the ceiling.
 This would keep the weight off the tank.  Use a chain for hanging the
fixture so you can position the light a foot or so above the tank when
you are doing maintanence. 

Jim Spencer
Sayre, PA

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