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driftwood and E. tenellus

Concerning Roger Miller's recent post.  I too would be interested in 
knowing how many of you get your carpet plants (esp. E. tenellus) to 
spread out in such compact groupings.  Mine is spreading out, but over a 
good distance.  Instead of growing closely around the parent plant, the 
runners produce new plants sometimes two to three inches away from the 
main grouping.

Now, onto my next question:
I have read in the past that drift wood could be treated with epoxy 
resin to waterproof and protect it, thus getting it to sink.
I usually go through the tedious process of boiling all my wood until it 
sinks.  In this way it helps(ever so slightly) to keep the water soft 
through the leaching of tannic acids.(?)  This procedure also allows the 
wood to decay naturally and it usually darkens the wood as well.  I have 
recently picked up a sun bleached piece of wood that I'd like to add to 
a new tank.  I want the wood to retain its lighter coloration and not 
What is the concensus on (lacquering) driftwood?  Is epoxy resin the 
same thing as lacquer?
I read the can of lacquer but could find no answer.

Joe Anderson

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