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Low pH problems.

I'm looking for some input on how to fix my low pH problems. I've got a
108 gallon tank with natural rock and is fairly heavily planted with a
low fish load (about 25"). The pH is consistently between 4.5 and 4.7.
I've tried pH up an pieces of Utah Ice, which have disolved to about
half their size in the past 6 weeks. I do weekly water changes of
between 20 and 25%. The replacement water usually has a pH of about 6.5
when its added. I would understand this problem if it was high because
some of the rock is calcium based. The fish don't seem to mind however
my plants look terrible. I've been fertilzing with PMDD for several
weeks now and they seem to still be deteriorating. Prior to that I was
using 'the real stuff'.

I have an undergravel filterand a DIY cascading filter which gives lots
of aeration. In addition there are 2 air stones operating. I've been
told there could there be too much aeration which is generating carbonic
acid. I'm not convinced of this due to the size of the tank and frequent
water changes. I would have thought the volume of water could buffer the
amount being generated.

Any input would be appreciated.

Jason Daniels