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RE: hallucinations

	Roger Miller wrote:

> It's been a slow week here on the APD, and I'm starting to suffer symptoms
> of plant-email deprivation.  My deprivation-induced hallucinations have
> even lead me to believe that there was a large, conversational response to
> my letter of last Sunday wherein I called for information about
> maintaining
> groups of plants.  Being the usually friendly type, I'm going to continue
> that conversation, hence this note about maintaining groups of
> Cryptocoryne wendtii. 
	<Big snip>

> Gad, this deprivation-induced hallucination is starting to fade, and it
> looks like I just responded to my own post.  Groan...this is embarassing. 
> Roger Miller
> ;-)
	I remember having hallucinations like this once, but I don't think
they were deprivation induced.  Now that I think back, it was right after
that freak sky diving accident, or was it that industrial chemical spill, or
maybe it was just the 60's. 

	Bob Ashcraft

	OK, so maybe it was more than once.... but I didn't inhale.