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re: PMDD Dosing

Bill writes:
> <<Bill: Are you sure of that dosage?  Are you sure it is .5 ml per gallon, or
> should it be .5 ml per 10 gallons?>>
> You bet!  Please note that this is the dosage per week NOT per day, since I
> only add PMDD three times per week.
> For example, in my 30 gallon tank, I add 5 ml of PMDD three times per week
> (Mon, Wed, Fri).
> 5 ml x 3 =15 ml  / 30 gal = 0.5 ml PMDD / gallon / week. 
> For a daily dosage, this would be:  
> .07 ml PMDD / gal / day  or  0.7 ml PMDD / 10 gal / day.

It's much easier for anybody following a thread in the APD archives if
you link the reply subject line to the original subject line. That way
the archive program can thread the messages together. That makes it
easier for a newbie hunting for information about PMDD dosing to find
the answer. Also I think the search engine weights hits if the search
keys are found in the subject line.

Soooo... no Subject: Re: Aquatic Plant Digest 345 ok?? The newbies thank