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I have recently bought a small piece of drift wood tied with a type of
"Java moss" that I am not familiar with and would like to get more
information about it from you guys.
The piece of wood has a small amount of the conventional Java moss we
are familiar of but the majority consist
of the new type. Here's the discription :

Color :dark green (similar to the normal Java moss),translucent (rather
like seaweed).
Shape :very much like the tip of Java fern except that they are
narrower, and only about 2-3 cm in length.               There is a
central vain running acroos its lenght but no side vains is apparent.
Texture : the surface is smooth. 

In addition, the plant is very britter since it tends snap quite easily
and they is no apparent root system (like Java moss) as the leaf seems
just to creep on the piece of wood.

Any information would be welcome, Thanks.
(and sorry for the title, just trying to get some attention).