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Copper toxicity

I've got an old booklet here called 'Know Your Aquarium Plants' by
Don L. Jacobs, Ph.D Plant Ecology, published by The Pet Library,
no copyright date.  It has a listing of freshwater plants and animals
and their relative sensitivity to copper, most sensitive first:

	Ceratophyllum plant
	Oodinium (Velvet Disease)
	Flukes (Gyrodactylus worms)
	Vallisneria plants
	White Cloud Mountain fish
	Ramshorn snails
	Philippine Livebearer Snails
	Most other fish
	Many other plants

So questions like "how much copper will kill the snails/parasites but
not hurt the plants/fish", like most questions in biology, are best
answered by "It depends".

Btw, for today's handy household hint.  When I bought this booklet at 
a used book store, the glue binding had failed and most of the pages 
were falling out.  Such things are easily fixed with a small amount 
of aquarium silicone sealant, which makes a nice flexible binding and
is invisible.