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PMDD Dosing


I've been using the Conlin PMDD recipe for two years in several tanks with
great success.  I believe you were using the trace element mix from Homegrown
Hydroponics, which is where I purchased mine.  My tanks have laterite/gravel
substrate with occasional solid fertilizer added around the heavy root feeders
(crypts, vals, etc).

Just for the record, my current PMDD formula is:

1 Tbs chelated trace element mix (Homegrown Hydroponics in Rexdale, Ontario)
2 Tbs potassium sulfate
1 Tbs epsom salts (magnesium sulfate)
1 tsp potassium nitrate  (This component will vary depending on fish load,
etc.  This is what works best for me.)

Dissolved into 500 ml of water (heated slightly to hasten dissolution).
Store in the refrigerator.


 I add 0.5 ml of PMDD per gallon (tank size, not actual water volume) per
week.  I usually dose three times per week rather than daily.  I also add
about 1/8 tsp of potassium sulfate per 4 gallon bucket of water at water
changes, since I was having potassium deficiency problems with PMDD alone.  I
rarely do water testing anymore, but when I did, it was very stable with this
regimen (Fe:  0.07-0.1 ppm ; nitrate:  5-10 ppm; pH: 7.4; gH: 9; kH: 8).

Hope this helps.

Bill Cwirla
Hacienda Heights, CA
Where we've gone to lighting our tanks at night to avoid overheating them
during this blasted heat wave.