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Re: Silicon


I'm a little slow to respond to this, but my take on silicon is to use
the GE clear Inetrior/Exterior window and door caulk. I can get a tube
of 300 ml for $6. I believe the stock number is SE1184. This stuff says
right on the back 'ideal for aquarium repair'. I used it to glue and
seal my 108 gallon tank and haven't had a problem.

As far as using it on PVC and other plactics, it depends on where your
gluing. I used it to seal between my undergravel filter outlets and the
DIY piping to the filter. Since its underwater, it doesn't matter if it
leaks a little. I did 'dry' fit the CPVC piping outside the tank with
silicon and, while I did not have any problems, I had more piece of mind
after redoing it with a proper solvent. The idea of 100 gallons of water
draining onto the floor does nothing for me.

Hope this helps.

Jason Daniels