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Aqua Journal

Below is James Lim's response to my email note to VectraPoint regarding
Vol. 34 of Amano's Aqua Journal:

"Dear Steven,
We have replied to your email on the 16/8/98 but somehow the mail was
not delivered successfully to you. We apologize for the delay as new
magazines always undergo teething problems with distributors.  Rest
assured that the magazine will be dispatch to you once it roll off our
production line. We seek your understanding in this.
Vol.34 will be sent out in mid-September and you may expect to receive
it shortly after. However, if you do not wish to wait, and like to have
a refund, we will proceed to refund you through your credit card. Just
write a memo to me and sent us a fax to (65) 7670179. Please reply and
acknowledge that you have received this email. Thank you.
James Lim

Keep Hope Alive!  Regards, Steve Dixon