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PMDD Dosing

One last try... I asked before but no answer....

I currently have a 55g (about 50g water coulmn) and I am dosing PMDD.

The iron test kit I have, I determined to be bad (no Fe levels, even when I 
dump the fertilizer I know to have iron directly into the test vial).

So. No that I have no way to measure iron, anyone want to offer daily 
dosing suggestions? I read one place a few drops per 10 gallon per day, 
another I read 1ML/10g per day.

I tried the latter and now have a bright green hair algae beginning to coat 
the leaves of my wisteria and amazons.

Anyone who has experience with PMDD please respond.

Tank stats:
55 g,
160 w of 6500K flouresents
tank 80 deg
15 or so plants, DIY CO2.

Also, my giant hygro looks terrible, no growth, small leaves. All of the 
larger leaves fell off.

Also my giant val is not growing at all.

Melon swords are not growing but Amazon Swords look good though.

Any thoughts?