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RE: Plant Database

Subject: plant database

>>>>> "Richard J. Sexton" <richard at aquaria_net> (here: "RS"),
>>>>> on Mon, 31 Aug 1998 03:48:44 -0400 (EDT), wrote:
    RS> I'm crushed. Nobody wants to step forward and work an this
    RS> plant database thing with me ?
I have an NT4.0 Server running SiteServer,Exchange&SQLServer, etc... that
will have a 24/7 I-net connection and static IP address in the coming weeks.
I'd be honored to host the database.  Hey, I'd do it for free. You'll need
to communicate via E-mail as I am extremely busy lately.  We could get the
tables,indexes, stored procedures, etc.. setup , and using your HTML
developed forms, perhaps enlist the help of others to populate the database.
odwyerpw at bluecorp_com