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Re:Freshwater plenums: Tom/Aquatech2

Many Thanks- Quick background: I do many plants of few varieties,
primarily in "vegatable filters" on reversed light cycles from fish that
don't cotton to planted tanks.  These Vegie tanks are not by any stretch
plant tanks as aquatic gardeners think of such.  Most plants are potted
and others (Val) can take over any gravel surface left over.  The new
tank is going where my spouse will see it, so must look better, but it
is still to be a fish tank, not plant tank.  The part of it that is for
me is to experiment w/the plenum.  The two small internal canisters are
what I'm counting on for near-substrate current (I don't remember the
output rating- these are utilities, not primary filters).
I do like fluidized beds, used them in the lab years ago ($$$) for
culturing mammalian cells, good results. They are the purest biofilters
around, and not expensive.  The one being used on the plenum is the
current support filter for the livestock going into the system, so it
has to carry the bioload until the plants/plenum are established in
their new role.
Thanks again- Robert