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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #483

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<< For some time now I have been wondering whether my plants are a bit short
 some trace element.  I can easily see how this might be, as I very rarely
 add any.  Perhaps once each month I add enough to get my iron levels to 0.1
 or so, and it takes another month again before the iron level drops enough
 to warrant adding more.
 The other day I set out to find a trace element mix which did not include
 iron, hoping to add a little to see how the tank responded.  I struck out -
 I could not find one.
 Many of us have experimented with adding other iron sources to our tanks.
 My own tanks have latterite for example.  Is it possible that by doing this
 we make it more difficult to maintain healthy levels of other
 Can anybody suggest a source for a trace element mix w/o Fe?
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As far as I know, Jobe's plant food for Fern's does not have any. I had a iron
deficiency problem because I only added Jobe's Plant food. I added some
laterite and now my plants are fine.