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Re: Betta Show & Auction, Lancaster,PA, USA

The Philadelphia Area Betta Society ( PABS ) is sponsoring
an International
Betta show and Auction sanctioned by the IBC on 9/12 &
9/13/98 at That
Fish Place, Lancaster, Pa.

Seven Reasons You Should Attend:

1- See International Champion Bettas on Display.

2- Meet and talk with Champion Betta Breeders.

3- Participate in the Auction and take home some of their
stock for your fish room.

3- Meet the friendly people from PABS and have all of your
questions answered.

4- Find out how you can become part of PABS and the
International Betta Congress.

5- Attend two seminars about keeping and breeding bettas.

6- Shop That Fish Place, 110,000 SF store full of pet
supplies, 475 Fish tanks,
     50% off Freshwater Fish & 25% off Marine Fish this
weekend. 20% off all books !

7- MOST IMPORTANT - All of this is FREE !

For more information and all show particulars go to PABS Web


Member PABS & IBC
Quakertown, PA, USA