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Re: Copper -- Safe?

> > appreciable copper exposure is of detriment to fishes and plants.
> 3) If possible, use a small bare hospital tank for treatment!
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> Cliff Lundberg ~ San Francisco ~ cliff at noevalley_com

Want to try catching my rasboras?   :)

Anyway, my point was, while copper might not be *recommended*, it's not
an instrument of sudden death, either.  At least, short-term, high
levels of exposure for treatment, in my case, have had no visible
effects on my plants (continued growth at the same pace, no deformations
or discolorations).

So there's some room for experimentation on the initial question, which
was whether low levels would keep algae at bay vs. any long-term effects
on fish or plants.  

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, Maryland