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Re: Copper -- Safe?

> As Mardel Labs/St. Jon's Tech. Rep. (manufacturers of Coppersafe), as well as
> a friendly, neighborhood, pet-fish ichthyologist, I'd like to encourage folks
> to 1) utilize a chelated copper test kit for monitoring concentration, and 2)
> remove the compound from the water after effecting a cure... chronic
> appreciable copper exposure is of detriment to fishes and plants.
> Bob Fenner

I just went and checked, and it's actually Aquarium Systems' SeaCure
I've been using, not CopperSafe.  Guess it's what they had on the
shelves that week...

Anyway, the package inserts also strongly recommend use of a test kit. 
Unfortunately, copper test kits aren't cheap, and I couldn't justify it
for just a few applications, when there was also a no-test-required
option on the label.  And as I said, it's worked pretty well, so far.

I just re-read my post, and I should clarify; it wasn't well-phrased.  

On the three occasions that I've used it, I applied one drop per gallon,
then one drop per two gallons, a few days later.  On one of these
occasions, I dosed a third time (one drop per two gallons) over the
course of the week.  

I do 20% water changes weekly, and when I dosed three times in the week,
I did approximately a 40% water change.  When I said 'no water changes',
I meant during the course of treatment.

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, Maryland