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Flagfish food

Dorian McMillan <mcmilland at cofc_edu> wrote:

>After reading rave reviews of American Flagfish in the archives, I got a
pair >(male and female) for my ca. 170 L tank.  I've discovered that rather
than eat >just algae, they are actually eating the leaves!  They've made a
real mess of
>the hygro.  I cannot find any other Cyprinodontid that looks like
>*Jordanella floridae*, so presumably I have the right beastie--anybody else
>had this experience?  Do you need to bribe them with some other food when
>algae is low?  They won't touch flake.

Try Hakarri "Sinking Carnavoire Pellets"  or cover the surface of your tank
with duckweed... they love that.  Yes, they will nibble at other plants.
Oh yes, try java moss too.  They seem to like that.